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Sea Kayaking Istructional Videos/DVDs:  Tips

(Excerpted from the presentation) 

Practicing wet exits with a paddle float.Changing weather is a constant problem in Spring and FallYou are at the greatest risk for hypo- or hyperthermia when you least expect it.  Prevent dangerous temperature extremes by:

  1. Dressing warmly, dressing for the swim you might have to take. Dressing in layers. You're after insulation, so cotton is generally a no-no, unless you want your clothing to stay wet to cool you down.
  2. Bringing lots of extra water to drink and staying hydrated at all times. Hydrate to the bursting point!
  3. Bringing sun block and a hat. Be sure to wear them both!;
  4. Bringing an extra layer of clothing, even when it seems too hot. Even if you don't need it, someone else may.
  5. Picking your paddling environment, from calm, peaceful bird watching to whitewater adrenaline thrills -- and everything in between

  6. Sea kayaking is for anyone and everyone. Just go slow and enjoy.

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